Covenant Reformed Church

         A Congregation of the United Reformed Churches in North America


What are our Distinctives?

Worship is Word
Preaching is to be Christ-Centered, Redemptive-Historical, and Expository.  Our sermons are Christ-centered, with special care given to correctly distinguish between Law and Gospel.
... and Sacrament
The sacraments are visible signs and seals appointed by God to declare the promises of the gospel more fully to us.  They are God’s appointed means of grace that the Holy Spirit uses to strengthen those who receive them in faith.

Worship is Dialogical
This simply means that worship is a dialogue between God and His people.  He speaks to us through the reading and preaching of the Word and through the sacraments, and we respond to Him in our prayers and praises.

Worship is Covenantal
Covenantal worship means that we approach the Lord in worship as a covenant community of faith;  and as families -- children and adults, both young and old.